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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Preseason Game 2 Open Thread

Washington Wizards vs. Chicago Bulls

Preseason Game 2
United Center
8:30 PM

Before you go here, be sure to check out the post below this on the new Wizards slogan.

This will act as your official Wizards Preseason Game 2 open thread. If you're online, comment away on what you're looking forward to see.

I have a bet with my roomate, a huge Chicago Bulls fan, on who will win more regular season games this season. I'm obviously taking the Wiz, and he's obviously taking Chicago. If we're going by blog previews, Matt over at Blog A Bull predicts 55 wins for his team, which (sneak preview) is more than I'm predicting when I do the Wizards preview later this month. So, score one notch for Chicago, I guess.

Also, be sure to head over to the Blog A Bull open thread if you have the chance. If you all go there, we can overwhelm the Bulls thread with Wizards fans! Okay, maybe not, but still, head on over there.

[edit]: Wiz are starting Arenas, Stevenson, Jarvis Hayes, Jamison, and Etan Thomas. Butler is not dressing because of a thigh injury, but according to Eddie Jordan, each starter will have one game off during the preseason. I guess he doesn't want his starters to get injured, but this still seems like a curious decision. I don't know the Bulls' starting lineup as of now.

After the Toronto game, what are you looking for from the Wizards in this game?

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