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Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Fantasy Team

I'm participating in the Hoops Addict Fantasy Basketball league with other blogs like Yay! Sports, Give Me the Rock, Need4Sheed, Rising Suns, NBA Basketball and Other Unrelatedness, and Celtics Blog. It's an all-points league with 24 owners and 10 players per team. We drafted Sunday morning and this is who I came up with.

Team Gheorghe's Giants

1-17: Tim Duncan
2-32: Rasheed Wallace
3-65: Rafer Alston
4-80: Caron Butler
5-113: Channing Frye
6-128: Kevin Martin
7-161: Al Jefferson
8-176: Devin Harris
9-209: Salim Stoudamire
10-224: Sean May

(Stoudamire has since been dropped and Mikhael Pietrus has been added)

I screwed up by taking too much time on my second and third round picks, as I definetly didn't want Sheed or Alston that early. Other than that, I like my draft. I expect Duncan to have a huge year, and his percentage problems don't exist in this league. I love Butler in the 4th and I love my 6-8 picks of Martin, Jefferson, and Harris. One of those three will be a fantasy stud this year. I just wish I had Jermaine O'Neal and Tony Parker instead of Alston and Sheed.

What do you think of my fantasy team? Keep in mind there are 24 owners.

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Anonymous Eeeee said...

I'd be naming your team 'Potential' becasue you have a lot of talented question marks. Your frontcourt should be strong especially if Jefferson and Channing Frye have big seasons, May also. Will they? Kevin Martin might be ready to take the next step after last season's playoffs. Rafer Alston might start to play like when he was in Toronto beside a healthy T-Mac to pass to. Butler will give you a good 3 for points and rebounds. Pietrus is another one who fits the potential mould.

8:32 AM


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