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Friday, October 20, 2006

Gold Jerseys?

Via the DC Sports Bog, the Wizards are all set to unveil all new gold alternate road jerseys. Here's what they'll look like.

I'm not sure what to think of these, so I'm throwing it out to you guys. By the way, I love the gold "Go All In" slogan in the bottom left corner. Clearly, going all-in requires gold lettering...

What do you think about the new jerseys? Good? Bad? Is gold going to work with this team?

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Anonymous SG said...

Those are awesome!

2:10 PM

Anonymous Howie said...

I'm glad they have the black shorts to contrast the gold top... it's.. hard for me to really judge: on one hand, the kneejerk reaction is semi-"ew" but the other is that no one's ever used gold before.

I think I'll suspend further thought til' I see a game of the Wizz

5:04 PM

Blogger Redhead376 said...

It's about time they got rid of those white and blue...

The gold jerseys are the Wizards of the future.

Zero to Hero...and Hail...

9:22 PM


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