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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Blogosphere Links of the Week

The NBA blogosphere is full of awesome material, so every week, I'll try to give you a few of my favorite blog entries of the week. Here's what I got this weekend.

-First off, cheers to two new blogs on the sidebar, TWolves Blog and Indy Cornrows. Welcome to the blogosphere guys! It's a fun place to be.

-Les Bullez is going crazy already over this Wizards team. I'd have to agree...there are going to be a lot of ups and downs this year.

-The Basketball Jones gives you a sneak peak into what some players are saying on their websites. My personal favorite, of course.
“As starships explode majestically in the distance, I ask myself… am I alive? Am I the real Master Chief? I believe I am.” zerotwohero.com"
-Michael Redd is a very spiritual man. Too spiritual for Bucks Diary, however.

-There's nothing like Pistons bloggers in a disagreement. Natalie at Need4Sheed is calling for signatures for a petition to get David Stern to "Save Sheed" and crack down on the no tolerance policy. However, Detroit Bad Boys disagrees, throwing support to the policy despite it's ramifications on Sheed.

I'm with DBB on this one. We're at the point where the referees have to call things overly tightly to show that they're serious about the policy. Once the players start to understand, things will calm down.

-The Opening Day Fiasco, curtesy Detroit Pistons Today. And oh yeah, my late piece for the thing is here.

-Free Darko on Gilbert Arenas' performance against Cleveland.
"I don't believe this was a moment of weakness or failure. And I don’t think this is all that interesting, having followed Gilbert madly since his rookie campaign. It’s Gilbert being Gilbert—kind of a nuisance, a set-up for drama, and the source of some fundamental questions about the order of the sport. I have no clue why he couldn’t get a shot to fall until the fourth, why he suddenly appeared fit to exchange three’s with LeBron, or why he then opted to give it to Jarvis Hayes twelve times in a row immediately after that. Most of all, I don’t get how an offensive-minded hellion responds to a scoring slump with some of the soundest distributing I’ve ever seen from him. I have learned to not look for explanations, and instead assume it’s like a bunch of crazy snowflakes that melt on top of a piece of paper that needs moisture."
-I can't believe I didn't pimp this earlier, but the inagural issue of the Hoops Addict Magazine is a must read. Major props to Ryan for putting this together.

-Phoenix Suns Rising on the new Jalen Rose signing. Clips Nation has their own take, as does Rose himself.

-And finally, one of the many mixes of Gilbert Arenas that will be posted during the year.

If you have another interesting link to mention, shout it out in the comments section!

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