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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Songaila Out Three Months

This is very bad news for the Wizards. Darius Songaila's back troubles are ultimately going to lead to surgery to repair the herniated disc and will miss at least half the year. Andray Blatche better grow up in a hurry, because otherwise the Wizards are going to struggle again with their frontcourt depth.

Who knew that when Songaila missed the first practice in training camp that it would ever become so serious?

How big a deal is this news? What do the Wizards need to do to compensate?

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Anonymous josh said...

there are still a few bug guys that can contribute left on the market.
Lonny Baxter
Michael Olowakandi
JP Batista
Nik Caner Medley
Marco Killingsworth
Jerome Moiso

7:01 PM

Blogger Mac G said...

are you really serious about any of those guys helping the Wizards? Caner Medley? Is that a joke? I almost spilled my coffee reading that.

7:09 AM

Blogger Pradamaster said...

James Lang is the guy that needs to step up. He essentially made the team because of the Songaila injury. I don't think the Wizards should be lining up to sign any of those guys anytime soon.

10:54 AM


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