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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Community Projection: Antonio Daniels

It's tough to know where I go with Daniels. On the one hand, the first four months of last year were basically a lost cause, so it's hard to base a projection on last year's stats. On the other hand, he's getting up there in age and may not need to play as many minutes with DeShawn Stevenson around. I feel like the two will end up cancelling each other out and his stats will look a lot like last year's.

Last year: 9.7 points/3.6 assists/28.9 minutes/84.5 free throw percentage

My projections:
9.1 points/3.4 assists/25 minutes played per game/86% free throw percent

A slight drop in points, but mostly because of a slight drop in minutes from nearly 29 a game down to 25. I think Stevenson will steal some of the crunch time minutes that Daniels dominated last year, depending on the Wizards' opponent. He'll be 31 this year, so as long as he stays healthy, I expect most of his other stats to remain constant. I've heard that AD is in great shape in camp, which could affect his numbers if he can get minutes. Overall, about the same as last year.

Now, it's your turn. Predict Daniels' numbers in each of those categories.

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Anonymous josh said...

sup mike, did you hear etan has been named starting center? I don't like it, he's better suited coming off the bench

4:28 PM

Blogger Barry "The Hatchet" Banks said...

I agree completely with your Daniels numbers...but I don't want to. I picked him up 15th on my 15 person fantasy and I'd really like for him to develop as the greatest sleeper of all time. And to prove I'm not some fantasy nut, realize I chose the Black President, Mr. Agent Zero himself, with the number one pick in my 10 person draft. Bullets-win over fantasy-win any day.
ps. Keep this blog up. It's awesome.
pps. I go to about 25 games a year. I'll buy you a beer pre-game at RFD or post at Fado's.

8:35 PM


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