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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Missed Opportunity

I'll have more tomorrow once I land in Florida for Thanksgiving vacation, but that just sucked in the second half tonight. You had to think that the Mavericks would heat up after shooting 35 percent in the first half, but that was ridiculous. When are the Big 3 finally going to all click in the same game?

Dallas, by the way, is the best coached team in basketball. Avery Johnson has inspired his team to a 7 game winning streak without arguably their second-best player in Josh Howard (I think Terry is a bit overrated). They have a superstar and a number of guys who fill their roles incredibly effectively. Thrashing any team that way in the fourth of a five game swing is remarkably impressive.

Again, more coming tomorrow.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the blog. $64K question - what's wrong w. Antawn?

10:08 AM

Blogger Pradamaster said...

I think he's taking too many jumpers too quickly on the offensive end instead of hurting opponents with his drives and cuts off the dribble. He has Gilbert-itis right now.

11:52 AM


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