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Sunday, December 10, 2006

ATTENTION: Bullets Fever is moving to Bulletsforever.com

A while ago, I casually mentioned that there was big news happening with the site in the near future. Ladies and gentlemen, the future has officially arrived.

Bullets Fever is officially moving to bulletsforever.com. That's right, I'm now going to be blogging for Sports Blog Nation. Why Bullets Forever? Blame the SB Nation guys. They started building the site under that url and neither of us wanted to change back. I kind of like the ring anyway, so it was probably a blessing that they got the url wrong initially.

In case you don't know, Sports Blog Nation is arguably the premier sports blogging network on the internet, and it's home to some amazing team blogs, including Blogabull, Sactown Royalty, Golden State of Mind, Blogging the Boys, Sunday Morning Quarterback, U Dub Dish, Athletics Nation, and many more. They're adding more basketball bloggers and I've signed on to be their Wizards guy.

So why make the switch? There are a ton of reasons. In no particular order.

1. Community: In case you haven't noticed, I've bent over backwards on this site to try to make Bullets Fever a community website. I've posed discussion questions at the end of each entry in an attempt to empower you, the reader. Unfortunately, there's only so much you can do on blogger. However, SB Nation has some amazing features that allow you guys to actively participate in the Bullets Forever community. They have these features called "Diaries" that basically allow you guys to create your own mini blog entries. You also have the power to easily comment on my own posts. All you have to do is create an account. It literaly takes two seconds. Just give an e-mail address, and you're pretty much all set.

2. Exposure: Not gonna lie. SB Nation blogs get a ton of readers, and this move will give the blog a lot more exposure. The more readers a blog gets, the better a blog becomes. I'm hoping Bullets Forever can be the #1 independent source for Washington Wizards on the internet, and the move to SB Nation certainly helps with that goal.

3. The Layout: Blogger can be really frustrating to deal with, and I'm tired of fiddling around with margins and sidebar stuff only to get a so-so layout. The SB Nation sites have this revolutionary software called "Scoop" that makes their sites look freaking amazing. They created that cool logo and all the stuff on the sidebar (except for the links). Better yet, the stuff is insanely easy to use. So to sum it all up, better layout + easy to use=no brainer.

The content itself isn't going to change much. There will be open threads, game recaps, and all the other random stuff that already is here. I don't expect much of that to change.

So please, I encourage everyone to join me at bulletsforever.com. I've been blessed to have some awesome readers, and I hope that you all can still be here even as the site switches. Update your blogrolls and your feeds, and come along for the ride.

Once again, I welcome everyone to join me at bulletsforever.com!
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