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Monday, December 04, 2006

Open Thread: Game 17

Regular Season Game 17
Mavericks (12-4) vs. Wizards (6-10)
Verizon Center
7 PM

This would be a great game to have.

The Mavericks, winners of 12 in a row, come into Verizon Center tonight. I’d say a little more about this game, but I think it’s obvious how big a win would be for the Wizards. It also doesn’t help that I’m in the middle of finals week.

On another note, thanks to the commenters that pointed out that Eddie Jordan signed an extension this summer. Total oversight on my part and I can’t believe I forgot about that. It doesn’t mean he can’t get fired, but it makes it unlikely in the first year.

As a clarification, I’m not necessarily saying the Wizards need to fire Eddie Jordan RIGHT NOW. It’s still really early in the season, and the Wizards got off to a similarly bad (12-18) start last year. There’s still a lot of time to turn things around. Instead, my main point was that I’m not sure Eddie is the best guy to get the Wizards to the next level. Eddie’s a fantastic offensive mind, and it’s no coincidence that the Wizards had the top scoring trio in the past two years with different personnel (Butler replacing Hughes last year). His in-game tactics, especially his substitution patterns, can be baffling at times, but I don’t think they’ve played a major role in costing the Wizards more than one game (the Cleveland one) this year. At the end of the day, the players have really struggled with late-game execution. There’s nothing Eddie could do about the team’s inability to score against Houston late in the game, for example. However, it’s clear so far that the defense is no better than last year, and it doesn’t even seem like its getting better. I wrote in my preview that the Wizards needed to get that ranking to 15th to have a chance at 50 wins. It hasn’t happened so far, and for that reason, the Wizards may need to get someone on the bench (assistant or head coach notwithstanding) that can teach the team the discipline needed to play good defense.

Mavericks Blogs: Mavs Moneyball, Rebel Ballin

As a reminder, if you’re going to the game tonight (especially if you're the one I had a subtle dig at in the post yesterday) send me an e-mail at pradam@brandeis.edu with an eyewitness report. I’ll post it up tomorrow in a separate entry.

Prediction: Wizards 107, Mavericks 105 (I know, but it’s been a long week and I need to have some optimism here)

If you’re online during the game, give a shout!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am really getting sick of Gilbert Arenas' antics. He thinks he is God's gift to the NBA, but he is really just an attention loving, narcicistic self centered individualist. He's not funny, his shinnanigans are stupid and pointless, and I'm sick of everyone who praises him for being so original in the NBA. He's not orignial, he never was, and I think the Wizards should trade him. He's obviously not benefitting the team. I'd take Iverson over Gilbert any day.

4:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok i must say that my first reaction to this was this guy is an idiot. what the hell is he talking about? but then it got me thinking, arenas actually seems to be highly overrated. He does not have great shot selection and is very inconsistent. He also doesnt seem to really make the people aoround him much better. All great players make the players around them better. I cannot see the wizards getting better until arenas becomes a smarter player. I dont think we should get rid of him but someone needs to control his ego. Even though they played well against the mavericks they really broke down in the second half and i think im still ready to go to my bed and cry.

6:27 PM

Blogger Pradamaster said...

Gilbert Arenas is a lot of things. You can argue he's overrated, you can argue he's a little too crazy, you can argue that maybe he's not a superstar, you can argue that he struggles to make his teammates better. Reasonable people can make those arguments, and while I disagree with all of them, I can see the logic. It's understandable for people to make those conclusions, and to some degree, they may even be true.

However, one thing Gilbert Arenas certainly is not is a "attention loving, self-centered, narcicistic individualist." I really have no idea where one could ascertain that from, honestly. If he was so self-centered, why would he devote so much time to taking care of that kid who's parents died in a fire? Why would he spend so much time with other causes, especially the HALO team, which, while wierd, is certainly not self-centered?

Should the Wizards trade him? Should the Wizards trade a 24 year old scoring machine who is only getting better? There are probably 10 players in the league I'd trade for him, and Iverson isn't one of them. Iverson's 31, Gilbert is 24. You tell me which one will improve.

I'm thinking of putting that one on the sidebar, actually (the first one). It kind of cracked me up.

Also, they just beat Dallas! Why do you want to cry?

3:33 PM


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