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Friday, December 01, 2006

Open Thread: Game 15

Regular Season Game 15
Bobcats (4-11) vs. Wizards (5-9)
Verizon Center
7 PM
CSN and NBA League Pass

Here's to falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon and waking up after the game starts! Post your game thoughts here. A win is essential.

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Prediction: Wizards 92, Bobcats 88

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Blogger Unsilent Majority said...

Well that was fun. Not a lot of defense but a great game regardless. Caron's first half performance was truly inspired, plus I made Dick Bavetta laugh twice.

7:19 PM

Blogger Hoops Addict said...

how bizarre is it that we're a month into the season and my raptors have more wins (6) than the Wizards (5)?

wow... I never saw that happening when training camps closed.

10:22 AM

Blogger Hoops Addict said...

oops... I misread this and thought it was tonight's game.. slight redo- how weird is it that the Wizards and Raps have the same amount of wins a month into the season? I thought your boys would be fighting for homecourt advantage in the playoffs but it looks like you'll be fighting just to make the playoffs.

10:23 AM

Blogger Unsilent Majority said...

Hoops Addict, we're one game behind last year's pace. We played pretty crappy in the first twenty last year as well. Plenty of time.

11:25 AM

Blogger Pradamaster said...

I second Unsilent.

Although the difference is that there's no Caron Butler being wasted on the bench. Also, the team did at least beat Detroit and San Antonio.

Still, there's no need to panic just yet. It's still early.

2:39 PM

Blogger Unsilent Majority said...

Caron's headed for the all star game. my concern is Antawn. His scoring and rebounding are down and without consistent 20 and 10 performances his defense becomes too much of a liability.

11:07 PM

Blogger Pradamaster said...

It's true. I'm also really concerned about Antawn. Maybe he's tired from the World Championships, who knows. I figured Caron would be the second scorer this year, but I also figured Jamison would adjust fine to being option #3 and still put up pretty good numbers. So far, it really hasn't happened, and that hurts because Jamison sucks so much on defense.

I agree, that's killing the team right now.

12:42 PM


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