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Monday, November 27, 2006

More Julian Wright Love and a Preview of Tomorrow

I was planning on writing a long post today about the consequences of losing Darius Songaila early in the season and it's effects on the Wizards bench even before commenter "Mel Turpin" brought it up. That comment only makes the point even stronger, and as such, it will certainly be discussed.

Still, today was a really bad travel day for me, so I'm holding that off for tomorrow. Apologies to all, but be sure to stay tuned.

In the meantime, I need to give more love to Kansas' Julian Wright. That was an insane game last night between Florida and Kansas, and I'm convinced this Wright kid (along with Taurean Green...he really impresses me) will have long futures in the NBA. I follow a ton of college ball, and those two were the ones I came away most impressed with last night. Anyway, here's a clip of Wright's two huge dunks in the Big 12 title game last year. Enjoy!

Be back tomorrow with a real post.

Who watched the Florida-Kansas game on Saturday night? How good can Julian Wright be? How much better would the Wizards be if they had Wright (IMO, not that much better, but still)?

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