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Saturday, September 23, 2006

A couple things I forgot...

  • Jim over at The Detroit Pistons Today is doing a big Opening Day Fiasco for the beginning of the NBA season and still needs some writers for specific teams. Essentially, he's having one person for each team write a piece previewing the team and previewing the first game they play during the season. If you're a Bulls, Mavericks, Warriors, Pacers, Lakers, Heat, Magic, 76ers, Kings, Spurs, or Sonics fan, be sure to e-mail Jim at bigmaninthepost@aol.com, because those teams are not taken yet.
  • Speaking of season previews, I'll be talking Wizards with Ryan McNeil on his Hoops Addict Podcast at some point before the beginning of the season. The actual date is still up in the air, but stay posted.

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Blogger mrclm said...

Thanks for the link to Sonicscentral.com.

Big Chris
Sonicscentral.com staff

1:26 PM


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