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Monday, November 06, 2006

Open Thread: Game 3

(My fault: The logos aren't working for some reason. You'll have to live without them)

Regular Season Game 3
Wizards (1-1) at Magic (1-2)
TD Waterhouse Center
7 PM
CSN? (DC residents, throw me a bone here)

It's about time we saw exactly how good this Magic team really is for ourselves. I've said before that they scare the crap out of me, but I don't think they are quite good enough to pass Washington yet. They still don't have any reliable options on the wing, which will kill them when teams double Dwight Howard. Howard and Jameer Nelson have tons of potential, but both are still relatively inconsistent.

The Wizards are coming off a game where they scored often, but didn't play great defense. Eddie Jordan said once again that the defensive effort needs to improve, but it's about time we see it actually happen.

Magic blogs: Believing in Magic

The Wizards desperately need to force turnovers, because Howard is going to dominate them on the glass. With Howard and Darko, this is a team the Wizards don't match up with well. It will take at least 75 points combined from the Big 3 to beat this team, and with Orlando coming home after struggling the past two games, I don't see it happening. I'd feel really good if Washington won this one, because if past experience tells me anything, it's that they will fold on the road to a big team like Orlando.

Prediction: Magic 109, Wizards 98

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Anonymous josh said...

hey mike,
when are you going to rid of that jared jefferies pic on the sidebar? I don't think I would want that pic there even if I was a knick fan!

3:49 PM

Anonymous josh said...

sup mike
i just drafred my fantasy team. its an 8 team league

*disclaimer: the author of this post knows nothing about fantasy basketball

PG: Baron Davis
PG: Raymond Felton
SG: Joe Johnson
SG: Josh Howard
SF: Kevin Garnett
SF: Carmelo Anthony
PF: Andrei Kirilenko
PF: Drew Gooden
C: Jermaine O'neal
G: Brevin Knight
G: Ben Gordon
F: Kyle Korver
F: Antoine Walker
UTIL: Steve Francis
UTIL: Udonis Haslem
BENCH: Hakim Warrick
BENCH: Brendon Haywood
BENCH: Deron Williams

what ya think?

5:34 PM

Blogger AwfulAnnouncing said...

If Etan gets this double-double. Game over.

6:05 PM

Anonymous josh said...

poor execution in the clutch once again. After the Cavs game i could shake it off, but now im starting to wonder whether this team is going to have real trouble in the closing minutes of games throughout the season.

8:12 PM


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