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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Send in Your Brendan Haywood Trade Proposal!

In light of the latest news surrounding the fistfight between Brendan Haywood and Etan Thomas, it's becoming clear that Haywood is not taking his spot on the bench well. As such, it's pretty silly to keep having him on the team if he's barely going to do anything off the bench.

As the last vestige of the entire Michael Jordan era (Jarvis Hayes only was around for Year 2), Haywood symbolizes the old pushover laughable Wizards team. For two years, all he did was stand around and watch MJ work. He looked like he could develop into the Wizards starter for the next decade after the 2004/05 season, but he took a step back last year and he clearly isn't helping the Wizards right now with his whining and bad attitude. It's clear Thomas is going to start as long as he's healthy, and with Haywood not taking well to his bench status, the Wizards may have to move him.

There are a ton of Wizards fans that have been asking this for years. They've wanted to trade Haywood for anything, because anything has to be better than Haywood. I'm not a big Haywood fan either, but we have to realize that, if his attitude is okay (a big question mark), he provides the Wizards with a big guy who is an underrated defensive center. The problem is Thomas is also a good defensive center, he has a better attitude, and he's not bogging down the Wizards' offense. If Haywood didn't have an attitude problem, he'd be a major asset as a second center due to his length and size.

Unfortunately, it seems like the Wizards have no choice but to go in another direction. Haywood isn't worth the Wizards time at this point, because I see no indication that he'll turn his attitude around. This puts the Wizards in a bind, because they desperately need Haywood for their interior depth. With Darius Songaila sidelined, the Wizards basically have Haywood and Michael Ruffin only behind Thomas. Take away Haywood, and the team's top frontcourt reserve is Ruffin. That's pretty horrendous.

Making matters worse is that I don't see too many trade possibilities on the horizon. The problem is that I can't think of too many teams that would want Haywood. He's a legitimate 7 footer that only makes around the mid-level, but he just would be a horrendous fit on so many teams that rely on speed and smallball. In addition, what the Wizards really need to do is to add players, not consolidate their depth. The ideal would be for Haywood to be traded for a big and a small, but how many teams will do that. Finally, what the Wizards really need is frontcourt depth, but they're merely offering up a comparable big guy with a bad attitude. I can't think of too many teams willing to deal similar parts for each other.

Essentially, the only way Haywood gets traded for anything of real worth is if Ernie Grunfeld gets creative. Once Songaila gets back, it may make more sense to dump Haywood for draft picks or salary cap relief, but the Wizards simply don't have that luxury now. They need players and depth, not draft picks and salary cap relief.

In conclusion, for the Wizards to get any real worth, Ernie Grunfeld needs to get really creative.

Alright, so after that long rant, here's the real point of the post. One of the things I've tried to do is make this blog interactive for you readers, so the whole Haywood fiasco gave me an idea.

Here's what I'm asking you guys to do:

I want you guys to throw out some possible Haywood trades for Ernie Grunfeld to implement. Send in all your proposals either to my e-mail address on the page or in the comments section. Whoever sends in the one I like best will not only be recognized in a future entry, but they'll also win the right to write a post on this very blog. The post has to be about the Wizards, but beyond that, you can write about anything you want and I can't edit it!

Remember to make sure the trade works with the salary cap through the RealGM trade checker; if it doesn't, it can't be judged. When judging, I'm going to take into account a number of factors. First, does the trade help the Wizards? Second, is it plausible; will the other team think about accepting it. Finally, and most importantly, is it unique and creative?

Send those proposals in!

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Anonymous Kevin Duckworth said...

Grunfeld has let Haywood's trade value diminish to nothing, just like he did with Kwame Brown. Why is Grunfeld so reluctant to push the action button?? I am beginning to conclude he is a Fraidy Cat.

6:45 AM

Anonymous Eric said...

It's a tough trade to organise. Firstly he's not a runner, so the new game where teams go up and down the floor doesn't suit his style of game. Secondly who would want Haywood right now when his value is so low? Thirdly at 4.5 million this year and with 4 years left if you do shift this guy you are getting something that's not so great value back in return.

Sometimes it's better the devil you know. If you read stories on the Bulls they used to always fight at practice when MJ was there. Maybe this will be good for the team? At least Haywood has pride enough to be annoyed about his bad play and Thomas shining.

8:40 AM

Anonymous Kevin Duckworth said...

Eric, Haywood isn't annoyed by his bad play, he is annoyed because Thomas is starting ahead of him. Obviously, he feels that he is more deserving of the starting job.
On your point about who would want Haywood now with his value so low? Well, that is exactly my point about the ever reluctant Grunfeld. We all knew Haywood was a rotten apple two years ago but at that time he still had trade value. Now, as you point out, he doesn't have any.

8:50 AM

Blogger AwfulAnnouncing said...

Here's the thing. I don't see anyone trading for him now. They would most definitely wait until the deadline when Washington would probably give him away.

I was thinking maybe to Charlotte for Othella Harrington and a pick, but not with Jordan there (and Othella can't be traded until after Dec 15 because of his new contract)

I hate to say this, but I don't think a trade is possible. What team would want Haywood? Maybe for a pick, but that's it.

Hey, there's always New York!

9:27 AM

Anonymous Eric said...

I dont think his contract is (ahem) big enough for Isiah to take him on.
Now maybe if they hadsigned him to 10 million per year.......

1:05 PM

Blogger Pradamaster said...

Kevin, I'm confused about your claim that Ernie Grunfeld let Kwame's trade value diminish to nothing. Caron Butler and Chucky Atkins doesn't exactly sound like nothing to me.

At this very moment, I wouldn't advise trading Haywood, but I think it's time to move on with him. If the Wizards can showcase him for a couple months, then what can they get for him? I'm not saying a trade has to go down this week, but later this season, what types of things might work?

Let's get creative guys. So far, Awful Announcing has the only trade offer. Think deeper team!

2:54 PM

Blogger Bill Fitzgerald said...

I'm sure some people will think I'm crazy, but I think the Wiz should package Haywood and Jamison for a solid, athletic big man, but I have no idea who that is. Thomas and Ruffin can take Haywood's minutes and Hayes and the new guy can take Jamison's.

6:13 PM

Anonymous ericfontana said...

As stated before Haywood is just not that marketable right now but if you want us to throw up some stuff there are several ways of looking at this:

(Before all of you ask - Yes, I smoked crack before thinking these up)

The Improbable (closer to "&^%$#@! no way")
1. If you were willing to take on some headcases, the Blazers may consider giving up Randolph and Miles if you looked at shipping Jamison with Haywood. However seeing Randolph is morphing into a monster that may not be on the cards for them.

2. Pipe Dream
Haywood for Gerald Wallace who is a free agent in the offseason. Word is the Bobcats probably don't want Wallace and he's due a big payday next year. They could do with a backup big though.

The tank it and start over move:
Grant Hill and Darko Milicic would be a duo available from the Magic who would take a Jamison/Haywood combo. Hill is cap space, Milicic is potential. That hurts now (as in season pretty much over) but may provide some opportunity to chase in the offseason seeing you are under the cap.

Parts for Parts
Haywood straight up for Dan Gadzuric. Kind of a nothing move but swapping bigs and Gadzuric is more mobile in an uptempo game.

Haywood to Philly for Steven Hunter and parts.

Haywood to Memphis for Brian Cardinal.

You could trade both Etan and Brendan to the Lakers for Kwame! (ok that's not happening)

Haywood to the Clips for Zelko Rebraca

Haywood to Milwaukee for Eddie Griffin and Mark Madsen............

8:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eddie Griffin and Mark Madsen plays for Minnesota, but that would be a good trade, even throw in Hudson or Jaric

2:49 AM

Blogger Jay said...

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11:43 PM


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