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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday Links

Some quick Sunday links for your reading pleasure.

-Gilbert Arenas has apparently left his agent, according to this Washington Post article.

Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas plans to part ways with longtime agent Dan Fegan , an NBA source confirmed yesterday. A story saying Arenas had left Fegan was first reported on http://www.realgm.com . Fegan negotiated the six-year, $65 million contract that Arenas signed with the Wizards in August 2003.

Arenas declined to comment when reached by phone yesterday. However, a league source close to Arenas said the two-time all-star is in the process of filing paperwork to sever ties with Fegan and planned to wait "at least a year" before selecting new representation.

It's certainly interesting that Gilbert is going to play out the year without an agent. I honestly think this is another reason to expect a fully focused Gilbert Arenas all season. Since his bad experience with the US National Team, he has seemed fully focused on having the very best season of his career. I'll take the over on 30 points per game, please.

More intriguing was this part of the article.
"Also yesterday, the Wizards announced that a 60-by-20 billboard featuring Arenas's likeness will be unveiled this morning on New York Avenue in Northwest Washington."
Suh-weet! I can't wait to see what that looks like. We are all witnesses to Agent Zero.

-Michael Lee of the Post also has an interesting article on Jarvis Hayes and his struggle coming back from injury. The Wizards missed Hayes' instant offense at the end of last year and could really use a full recovery from him. I personally wouldn't give him the starting shooting guard spot, however. Start Stevenson and his defense and use Hayes for his instant offense off the bench. The Wizards wasted so much time starting Hayes and bringing Caron Butler off the bench last year. Hayes is good for that spark, but I think he's not really suited for starting.

-Glad to see that Wizznutzz is back with regular posting. We've all missed their humor and hillareous writing over the offseason. Also, notice how they linked to the very same video that is this blog's namesake. Interesting, don't you think?

-Jeff over at CelticsBlog.com is running a great series of NBA previews featuring team blogs and general NBA blogs from all over the internet. It is still up in the air as to whether you will see a Bullets Fever Wizards preview on the site ([edit] see the end of this entry), but you will definetly see a Wiz preview from Gilbert's Arena and a series of fantastic NBA previews from the people that know their teams the best. The previews started today with a look at the Boston Celtics. Check out previews there from CelticsBlog.com, Celtics 17, and LOY's Palace.

-Hoops Addict takes a look at current Wizard Juan Carlos Navarro. Honestly, the Wizards have to decide soon whether they want to bring Navarro onto the team. After his performance in the FIBA World Championships, now would be a good time, even with the Wizards' depth on the wing.

-Basketbawful discusses Phil Jackson "sticking by" former Wizards #1 draft pick Kwame Brown. Whatever. He's their problem now.

-Happy one year anniversary to Chris Clarke at End of the Bench. He also has a funny post on Dwight Howard's ridiculous claim that the Magic will win the NBA Title.

That's all. Have an easy fast if you're observing Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement.

What do you think is the effect of Gilbert Arenas leaving his agent? Does it mean anything in the grand scheme of things?

[EDIT] I'll be posting the official Washington Wizards 2006/07 preview here on October 24, and you should also see it on the NBA Blog Previews site that day with Gilbert's Arena's preview.

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